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Globalization and Autonomy

Welcome to the Globalization and Autonomy Online Compendium, a collective publication by the team of leading Canadian and international scholars who are part of the SSHRCC Major Collaborative Research Initiative on Globalization and Autonomy. Using the Compendium, the team is making the results of their research available to a wide public audience. Team members have prepared a glossary of hundreds of short articles on relevant persons, places, organizations, events and key concepts and compiled an extensive searchable bibliographical database. They have written short summaries of their research that will be published in academic form in the 10-volume UBC Press "Globalization and Autonomy Series: Dialectical Relationships Shaping the Contemporary World." Finally, the Compendium contains position papers and peer-reviewed research articles on globalization and autonomy issues.

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Research Papers

Violence as Historical Time

Timothy Brook | 9 June 2005

Keywords: 9/11, Buddhism, time, and violence

Post-colonialism Now: Autonomy, Cosmopolitanism, and Diaspora

Diana Brydon | 16 August 2005

Keywords: autonomy, diaspora, cosmopolitanism, literary studies, and post-colonialism

Global Civil War and Post-colonial Studies

Heike H??rting | 2 February 2006

Keywords: empire, racialized violence, Sri Lankan literature, and global necropolitics

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Empires and Autonomy: Moments in the History of Globalization

This volume synthesizes the recent outpouring of works on globalization and world history. Its essays depart from the existing literature by depicting forms of autonomy - individual, local, cultural, state, imperial - that were effaced, challenged, reconfigured, or even brought into being by emerging transcultural systems and empires.

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